In this list I try to include some of my favorite resources. This list is occasionally updated.



  • foonathan::blog() - some interesting articles from a C++ library developer.
  • KDAB’s blog - blog by developers of Qt on C++, Qt, OpenGL and related tech news.
  • modernes C++ is a Rainer Grimm’s blog with in-depth modern C++ articles.
  • Engineering impact is a GitPrime blog on trends, interviews and practical advice on leading effective engineering teams.
  • Land any job you want - an unconventional career advice blog. In my opinion, one of the best career advice on the Internet. The blog often highlights different techniques on how to get way before any other candidate when applying for a job position. The author provides lots of real examples and step-by-step instructions on how to land your perfect job.
  • Communication for nerds is a great blog on improving your social skills in a work environment. Real life advice and scientific backups make it a real gem.


  • BSD Mag - Magazine and courses on Berkely University’s operating systems like: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and more.
  • Linux Voice - a UK-based magazine on everything Linux: security, applications, open source, reviews and even coding tutorials. The best thing about Linux Voice is that it becomes freely incensed after nine months, i.e., it can be viewed and downloaded for free after the 9 months since the issue.

Open source projects

List of project from which I learned a lot about software architecture and best coding practices:

  • Charm is an excellent source of Qt-based application. Very valuable CMake files and general usage of Qt classes.
  • QOwnNotes is a multi-platform project with a neat structure and wide range of CI tools incorporated.