Hi there - My name is Ederson de Moura Corbari, I’m a Computer Scientist. I currently work with Big Data and Machine Learning, I have already worked with software analysis, requirements survey, lecture and training, using various tools and programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Scala, Bash, SmallTalk, MatLab, Java, PHP among others.

Misc facts

  • My first programming language was C, and my first programming book was C - programming language.
  • My first computer was an IBM RS/6000 model M20 running Unix AIX.
  • I’m passionate about programming and software development since it allows me to use my brain in order to solve puzzles, and gives me a power to create something from a scratch with my own-defined logic.
  • I also like Unix-type operating systems. I use FreeBSD, Slackware and OpenSUSE as a workstation.
  • I am passionate about horses, wines and aviation.
  • I really like sitcon friends and wrote something about it here: Friends. <!–
  • Some personal photos: Flickr. –>

This site

In the beginning the main reason I created this site was to document tips and tricks that I learned through my daily work. Very soon, however, I discovered that framing my posts in a form of a tutorial is much more suitable.

Note: this site theme was shamelessly forked from an awesome Jekyll theme minimal-mistakes by Victoria Rudakova.